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credits : feriin

welcome to min-chan's livejournal. \(o^~^o")/ feel free to drop your comments here. <3 the greatest thing about fangirling is to make friends along the way. ^^*

ah. if you were to add me on your livejournal, dont mind adding me on your msn too. my brain turns rusty fast when i dont see your name often. that often results in forgetting people. heehe.


when will the carefree days come again?

umm ~ min misses ryo-chan.
haha. suddenly got the wants to see ryo-chan appears right in front of me.
it's okay even it's just as a passer by.

need a energy pump to boost my energy level.
recently my mind has not been very positive.
maybe keii-chan should come and teach me how.

LOLX. perhaps it's due to fangirling has not been my daily activities for a long while.
this is mentally torturing and tiring.
when you are trying to do everything at your best, yet you feel like you are messing everything up.

ahh ~ i miss the time when i went to the trip with shannon, haley and shan.
the crazy time that was so packed and fun which doesnt let any disturbance to take place in mind.

anyway, i like tegomasu's single. hahh.
but that makes me think of wanting P to have one too.
i think i'll cry during NEWS' concert this year.
i wonder if i can stay the temptation of not going to japan.


may trip's pictures

(><(o" i'm here. havent update my livejournal for quite a long time, i guess.
anyway, i had uploaded pictures for my may trip to japan on facebook.
run out of strength to upload them here again.
so.. here's the link :
Japan Trip 2009 I http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=83477&id=574553919&l=bd7067a632
Japan Trip 2009 II http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=85469&id=574553919&l=e9eab23ee6
try not to take any pictures out. if there's a need, do inform me.

too tired to continue on, so that's for now.

thanks ah, tegomasu.



[single] Tanabata Matsuri
release date2009/07/08
price1333yen (1400yen tax inclusive)952yen (1000yen tax inclusive)
descriptionsDVD with music video "Tanabata Matsuri"includes bonus tracks "Boku Rashiku" and "Owara naide."
making-of. *Unless otherwise indicated

[album] Tegomasu no Uta
release dae2009/07/15 
price3333yen (3500yen tax inclusive)2857yen (3000yen tax inclusive)
descriptionsbonus DVD with event footagethree bonus tracks including "Chicken Boya" and "Miso Soup
24-page bookletincludes 16-page booklet

credits : CDjapan

taking in pre-orders, stopping of pre-orders maybe stop   at anytime.
 also accept any require for available DVDs, albums and singles.
i will arrange the shipping such that both album and single comes in at the same time in order to save on the shipping.
if you are in a rush for the single, let me know, i will seperate your order for you.

Pre-order's condition
prices will be calculated only when the products arrival due to the accuracy of exchange rate.

①paypal (buyer will have to shoulder the paypal charge)
②concealed cash (at buyer's risk, please make it regristered)
③bank transfer

①serious buyer with responsible and initiative to arrange time.
②have the initative to arrange for another time if buyer is not able to make it for the first meeting up.
③a payment is to be send or transfer within a week after confirming relevant goods are keep for you.
③b payment is to be made lastest by either the date of confirmation or collection.

Collection of goods
①meet-up -only at singapore-
meet up is only most possible on weekdays evening. sorry for the inconvience.
②by post  (buyers will have to shoulder the postage fee, will be regristered mail)

pooh bear

now it's 1.25am. ・・・i just got home and bathed. wahah ~
such a great relaxing feeling after a bath.
this kind of feeling kind of make you feel calm and wanna fall asleep straight? 

 just now went for supper with my few colleagues after work.
hahh.so they were worried after me going home alone.
initially planned to take cab home, but i got my  last bus.
if i were to take cab, then i will be kind of extorted.
(^~^;)  thanks ah. always seems to worry about me, and this makes me feel kind of bad.

i thought the just passed 'today' was my cousin's birthday,
so during my dinner break just now, instead of going for break,
i went to the arcade near my workplace for UFO catchers thinking of catching a toy for my cousin as a gift.

i caught it. however, when i reached home, i then found out that i rememebered the wrong month.
 ARGH !!!!! 本当にごめなさい~(⌒ε⌒3)
what should i do with the pooh now?!  

~(☆_☆) min wants to watch her anime now.
 update tomorrow. see if there's any chances that i'm able to upload my trip's photos. heehe.


luck of the day

hahh. though the day is going to end.  

 i hope i can hit johnnys on the head.
after KAT-TUN's concert, come another KAT-TUN's concert.
 NOW tegomasu's concert !!!
i hope he could have announce this earlier.

*committed sucide*


safely arrived home.

coming home, mami ~

min is flying back tonight ~
no room for the luggages. iya ~
hoho. no overweight luggages. *prays*

went for four KAT-TUN's concerts.
17/5, 18/5, 20/5, 22/5.
ビビりじゃないよ!中丸君, broke his own records.

 nishikido ryo was there for the last concert !!!!
mao.  i was praying for ryoda when boarding the plane to japan few days ago.
wahahah ~ so P wasnt here, but here comes RYO !~
190 k4 : okura, yasuda, maruyama and ryo ~
ryo makes me no voice. *cough*
heehe. H1N1 negative. no worries.

to be continue when min is back to singapore..


shalala lalala ~
min is flying off to look for jin ~ 189

 kami, if you are willing to give ming a bonus, let P be there too ~
i'll definitely try to squezze some tears of joys.







 「時間を飛び越えられたら」 そう思ってた
 空と芝生の 間で
 一日が長すぎて まいってた日も
 忘れないさ 大切な毎日
 心に受け止め 時はすべて
 未来に変えてゆく 世界中の花が


Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

credits : maxiechan



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